Earn yield and more with Rari Capital.

Yield aggregation, Fuse, tranches, governance — we are here to build Finance 2.0

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Offering one of the easiest interfaces to the Rari Protocol.

Built on the best in the industry

More than just a
yield aggregator.


Deposit your crypto-assets to automatically begin earning the highest yield in DeFi. Beginning with stables and ETH.

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Hedge interest rate volatility and underlying platform risk through the use of tranches.

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Participate in governance to develop the future of the Rari Protocol, all based on the $RGT.

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An open interest rate protocol. Borrow and lend with any assets.

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Vaults but for arbitrary actions. Including depositing into Rari.

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Institutional Access

An institutional facing portal for our whale friends.

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DeFi. But easy. Earn today and do a lot more tomorrow.

Infinite possibilities

Tranche out potential interest rate movements easily.

Earn the highest APY on USDC, Dai and ETH at all times.

Participate in governance and the future of the protocol.

XX,XXX,XXX in the protocol