The Rari Foundation.

The Rari Foundation has two goals: make the world a better place and help build a more robust DeFi ecosystem. Over a long term, the Foundation's pursuit of these goals are facilitated by the governance holders.

Building a better world for tomorrow.
Efficiently deploying the capital earned from the Rari Protocol. 50% to each section below.


Being a DeFi focused team and spending all day long interacting with crypto veterans, the Rari Capital team believes in supporting foundations that support communities in need. Currently the Rari Capital core team will be donating equally fees towards to three charities, but this could decentralize as the DAO matures.


Rari Capital believes very strongly in supporting projects getting off the ground quickly, so here is an application to apply for Round 1 of grants. For the time being, we will only be contributing to Gitcoin Grants.

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The Rari Portal is the flagship solution to access the Rari Protocol. It enables you to easily deposit, track your positions and much more.